Scheepwart op het IJ bij Amsterdam

Shipping on the IJ by Amsterdam, by Ludolf Bakhiuzen

(Scheepwart op het IJ bij Amsterdam)

Emden, Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum Emden

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A study for this etching is located in the British Museum, London. From left to right are shown a flute, a ketch, a vessel of an unknown type, a rowboat, a man-of-war, and a smalschip.


Scheepwart op de Maas bij Rotterdam

Shipping on the Maas by Rotterdam, by Ludolf Bakhiuzen, 1701

(Scheepwart op de Maas bij Rotterdam)

Emden, Ostfriesisches Landesmuseum Emden

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On a beam in the water in the lower left corner there is a date, 1701, written mirrored. The leeboard of a yacht in the right is also inscribed, “LB”.
From left to right we see a boom rigged barge, an English yacht, an English frigate and a boeier yacht.

Both drawings bear a signature:

L. Bakhuizen fec: et exc: cum Privil: ordin Holland: et West Frisiae.

Sources: #zlschpn#