The Bombardment of Algiers 27 August 1816 by George Chambers, Senior, ca 1836

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

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The Bombardment of Algiers by the combined Anglo-Dutch force under the command of Sir Edward Pellew has already been described in details in an earlier post. This time I would like to present a view of this battle as painted by George Chambers, Senior.

For his actions Admiral Pellew had been raised to Viscount and several of his friends and associates had subscribed 200 guineas to commission a painting commemorating this victory. The Secretary and Commissioner of the Greenwich Hospital E.H. Locker (a former secretary to Admiral Pellew) had played an important part in awarding the contract to George Chambers, from whom he had previously obtained an oil painting for inclusion into the Naval Gallery at the Hospital.

This painting is George Chambers’ the most important late work and in addition to it the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich has a number of sketches and a preliminary oil study that is also presented in this post.

In the right foreground of the painting a massive bow of the Impregnable, 98 guns, shelters a number of boats armed with carronades. In the left foreground a boat commanded by a lieutenant is about to fire its howitzer.

In the left foreground more boats are seen beside the stern of the Minden, 74 guns. One of these boats is armed with Congreve rockets. The Minden is firing her starboard guns. Behind her is the Superb, 74 guns.

In the left background the Dutch flagship Melampus is seen, starboard side.  In the middle Chambers painted Pellew’s flagship the Queen Charlotte, 100 guns, in a quarter port view. Beyond her one can see a glimpse of the Leander, 50 guns.

The Algerian coastal batteries are under heavy fire from the Anglo-Dutch ships and are covered in flames and smoke. Behind the batteries the masts of Algerian ships in the harbor are seen.

Oil study to The Bombardment of Algiers 27 August 1816 by George Chambers, Senior , ca 1836

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

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Before painting this work George Chambers visited Plymouth where he made sketches of men-of-war. In this preliminary oil study he created the layout for his main work. Although this painting lacks details it has an intense atmospheric impression.

A sketch to The Bombardment of Algiers 27 August 1816 by George Chambers, Senior, ca 1836